Commerce Corp. Continues to Shill for Top Politician


Since early in the administration of Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo, I’ve been pointing out the inappropriate way in which the quasi-public agency, the Commerce Corp. (formerly the EDC of 38 Studios infamy), has been acting as a political action committee booster for the governor.  Now, here’s Commerce’s president, Darin Early, in the Valley Breeze:

After less than a year and a half in office, the Raimondo administration has built on the powerful legacy of pension reform and brought even greater stability to our state budget by reforming Medicaid; Rhode Island is on track to save $100 million a year without restricting access or cutting quality of care, but by holding groups accountable for poor service. We’ve eliminated the sales tax on energy for businesses, and this year the Governor is seeking a $30 million cut to the unemployment taxes Rhode Island businesses need to pay. She has scrapped unnecessary, duplicative or burdensome professional licenses that make it hard for Rhode Islanders to start their own businesses and initiated various “lean” activities to streamline government processes.

Not to mince words, this is gross.  Early’s free to stump for the governor all he wants as an individual, but this bit of PR is clearly published in his official capacity.  That means the governor is using our lead economic development agency — and it is ours — to promote herself.

How corrupt our government has become that hardly anybody even sees anything wrong with this sort of behavior.