Commerce’s Out-of-State Candidate


Today’s Providence Journal Political Scene reports the large fundraising take of recently declared Rhode Island Senate candidate Nick Autiello.  He’s currently making $80,000 (not including benefits) working for the quasi-public Commerce Corp. and says he’ll give that up if he’s elected to the seat currently held by Democrat Paul Jabour.

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The first question is why somebody would find a senate seat that valuable.  Since I can’t answer that, the next question is where his fundraising money is coming from.  At over $50,000 in a few months for the 27-year-old, his campaign touts this as the biggest fundraising haul of any first-time candidate’s first quarter… ever.

Not mentioned, though, is that the state’s campaign finance database shows more than 94% of that money coming from donors with out-of-state addresses.  Between his Commerce connection and the out-of-state domination of his fundraising, Autiello’s may be the most-Rhode Island story of the Raimondo Era thus far.

  • BasicCaruso

    To date, what percentage of RICFP’s funding has come from out of state? Funny how relevant Justin thinks everyone else’s funding sources are.

    • Mario

      Is your point that both matter, or neither?

    • Lou

      We’ve been down this road many times. Justin pretends he doesn’t know where his funding comes from (to preserve his “independence”), and then proceeds to delete any comments that reference the Koch brothers. Even if he’s the only one that doesn’t know, the hypocrisy in him demanding to know everyone else’s funding is outstanding!

  • Mike678

    It’s a troll parade! :) Did I miss the announcement? Is Justin running for the Senate?