Competing to Impose Expensive Energy on Residents


The whole notion of states’ competing to lead the nation in offshore wind, as reported in an AP article by Providence Journal alum Philip Marcelo, is strange.  This isn’t an attempt to woo companies to the state, whether through a mere personal touch or millions in taxpayer subsidies; it’s explicitly an effort to force electrical customers (i.e., everybody) to fund the industry:

A state law passed last year to boost Massachusetts’ use of renewable energy outlines the process for developing offshore wind power.

The law calls for generating at least 1,600 megawatts of power, roughly enough electricity to power 750,000 homes annually, from offshore wind by 2027.

To accomplish this, the utilities are required to secure long-term contracts with wind farm developers in at least two phases: a bid request this June and another in 2019.

Treating this as some sort of positive competition reveals a certain tint of ideological glasses.

  • BasicCaruso

    Has the RIC”F”P received funding from the fossil fuel industry, including groups funded by the Koch brothers?

    Talk about revealing a certain tint… the green tint you’re seeing isn’t the environmental kind!

  • Mike678

    Spot on. Rather than put money into research and development and develop a product we want to buy (led lighting, for example–though the totalitarians did unsuccessfully try to ban incandescent lighting) our ‘leadership’ prefers to mandate expensive systems, driving up our energy costs and kill jobs. Ri is on the path to the highest electric costs in NE. And rather than defend their practice, some blind fools just point to other bad behavior, as if two wrongs make a right.

    Trump isn’t the president I’d prefer, but he gets some things right….