Cool to “Cooler & Warmer”


As an afternoon diversion, I found myself utilizing social media for some much-deserved ridicule of Rhode Island’s new logo and slogan, which were unveiled yesterday as part of a $5 million marketing effort.  The governor’s tweeted explanation — “an enticing, openhearted place to live, work and visit” — sounds like a flavor description on the neck-label of a seasonal craft beer.  The concept is eminently mockable and deserving of parody, indeed, I’d suggest that the design team must have lacked an acerbic wit to bring to light the obvious flaws.

The logo recalls the side view of an upward-looking eye, specifically one that’s being held open for purposes of brainwashing.  Or maybe it’s the ideal shape to match a reimagined slogan of, “Rhode Island: Smurfier!”

Whatever the case, one gets the impression that the governor has put the style of Rhode Island’s disappointing and overly expensive health benefits exchange as the model for the whole state.  As for the slogan, it sounds like another way to characterize the infamous ’80s hair style, the mullet.

Frankly, just as Rhode Island’s unimpressive employment growth became completely stagnant during Raimondo’s first year in office, it’s difficult not to think that “Cooler & Warmer” is a flop and a step backwards from the uninspiring, but elegant and passable “Discover Beautiful Rhode Island,” which appeared (at great expense) during the administration of Governor Lincoln Chafee.

If the initial social media reaction is any indication of the reception the idea will receive, I’d say there’s still time to switch to something like, “RI: Home to Top 50 World Leader Gina Raimondo.”

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I wonder why states and municipalities spend the money on these slogans, perhaps it doesn’t seem like much to them. Years ago I lived in Boston, they had an enormous campaign to select a slogan for the city. It was really all consuming. In the end, they selected “Bright from the start”. After announcing the winning slogan, it was never heard of again.

  • Max

    Would’ve of loved to be a fly on the wall during that presentation. It’s not even a slogan.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Gina is free to use my Slogan …


    • Max


      • ShannonEntropy

        Maybe they could combine my slogan with a pic of the governor on every DMV placard

        That way the taxpayers here could get what they *really* want …

        … Gina’s head on a plate

        • Raymond Carter

          How about an anti-campaign focused on RI taxes:
          “Higher And Higher”.