DePetro Announces WPRO Departure

John DePetro’s sudden absence from his WPRO show has been so secretive that even people who tend to have behind-the-scenes information about such things on the Rhode Island right know scarcely more than the public.  Today’s announcement of his permanent departure from the radio station is no less surprising:

To all my WPRO radio listeners : At this time, I have decided to conclude my entertaining weekday 9:a.m. -12pm (noon) radio show on WPRO. Thank you to all my listeners for making 2016 my best year ever in radio, with my coverage of the Trump campaign, my many exclusives, plus my national work on The Savage nation and CNN. I am very grateful for the many loyal listeners who have been entertained by my program on WPRO over the past 10 years.

The reason for his decision remains to be revealed, and what it will mean for the state’s leading talk radio station is no more clear.  With Buddy Cianci’s recent death, the station has already shuffled around its bench, leaving John Loughlin as the only general-content host without a weekday show.

At least the Democrats who run the state have one less excuse not to make themselves available to WPRO’s hosts and audience.

  • Raymond Carter

    Christmas Eve appropriate time for this announcement as it has a FISHY smell to it.

  • ROB-1.

    He may be looking for a job with Trump.