DeSimone Hurts Providence Budget


Uh-oh. Looks like the structural deficit of the City of Providence is about to get worse:

“I know it’s probably not a good business answer, but I make one [property tax] payment at the end of the year and it works. It’s always worked for me … . Other than that, I really don’t have a good answer,” he said. “It’s not a financial issue. Obviously I am paying more by doing it that way [because of fees and interest].”

But DeSimone said he “got hell from my wife” after The Providence Journal ran a story this week about the latest tax-sale threat, and the story “made me think … I really shouldn’t do it that way especially if you want to be the majority leader.

No word, yet, on why DeSimone thinksĀ Providence Journal political reporter Katherine Gregg “want[s] to be the majority leader” or why she would be hampered by DeSimone’s tax-paying practices in that effort.

  • Raymond Carter

    Really a non-issue since he paid the bill PLUS the fine PLUS the interest. Under Sickoline, to the complete silence of progressives and their projo mouthpiece, the hacks didn’t even have to pay the full bill. Remember Fat Jack?