Disaffiliation: Voting Against the Bad Can Help the Good


The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is reminding voters of their ability to be unaffiliated and vote in either party’s primary during this upcoming election cycle:

Concerned about the gains of liberal-leaning lawmakers in the General Assembly, Freedom Center CEO Mike Stenhouse asked fellow conservatives in a Friday email to “consider voting in September primary races that include progressive candidates,” to potentially stop them before they get to the general election.

“The greatest threat facing our state is more progressive lawmakers elected this fall who will advance more anti-family and anti-business progressive policies,” Stenhouse wrote. “RI is one election away from far-left progressives gaining control of the General Assembly and a more firm hold in the executive branch. By joining thousands of voters from other conservative organizations who are likewise being asked to consider voting in September primary races that include progressive candidates, you can help put Rhode Island on a better path.”

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The deadline to become an “unaffiliated” voter is June 12, and voter registrations can be viewed and edited here.