Don’t Vote for Them? You Don’t Exist.


Because progressives have a coordinated belief system and playbook, politically active readers may have come across this at the local level: The city or town has a very close election (in which, perhaps, the Democrat Left outspends its opposition by wide margins), with the progressives winning a majority of seats.  After the election, they pick up the habit of declaring that their opposition “failed,” and that election results prove that the voters “rejected” them.

(Naturally, when votes go the other way, and the Left loses, the election was unfair, somehow, or the victors fooled the public, which is the current rhetoric of Tiverton’s progressives about the 0% budget that I submitted for the town last spring and that voters supported by nearly a two to one margin.  Elected officials are literally screaming at public meetings that it was all my doing.  But I digress.)

I’ve got a post up on Tiverton Fact Check addressing this tactic of the local Democrats and progressives.  They’re declaring that my friends’ message didn’t “resonate” with voters even though the Democrat Left spent five times as much money and even though the results would have been reversed if we’d received less than 1% more of the total vote.

Overall, of course, elections are elections, and they won.  But the prize is the privilege of representing one’s neighbors, not the ability to believe that very nearly half of voters just don’t count.

  • Claude

    Justin did any of your candidates get money from other groups? You site the two groups that gave money to the other but only mention the amount spent by clean up Tiverton . On another note I saw far more of the brown signs around town the the others. I voted for Joan Chabot because when I asked her she said she would not be beholden to your group or any group and would remain an independent thinker.

    • Justin Katz

      * I’m not aware of any additional funds provided to the Clean Up Tiverton candidates or used to promote them. If I were, I would have included them. From the outside, it appears that Tiverton 1st and the Tiverton Democratic Town Committee have essentially been behaving as one group using two names.
      * Signage is only one, relatively inexpensive, method of political advertising. The Democrats spent a lot of money on newspaper advertisements, and both groups sent mailers broadly.
      * We’d have a much better system if no candidates were “beholden” to groups. Indeed, the Clean Up Tiverton slate was not developed to include people who would march to orders. That’s much more of a thing for the Democrats and Tiverton 1st.
      As I describe in the article, people like Mike Burk and Brian Medeiros are the ones who insist on dividing the town up into battling groups. They think they are the voice of the “whole community,” while everybody else is some sort of evil interloper who hates children, the elderly, and everybody else in town.
      What do you think of that attitude?

      • Claude

        Justin you equally guilty of trying to divide the town, you are as partisan as anyone in either one of those groups, your hatred and disgust with the public schools or as you like to use the loaded term government school and any other employees is clear as day , by the way the choice of turd brown for your signs was something that many in the town found to be odd ,

        • Justin Katz

          I will admit that I was disgusted by the thuggish, bullying behavior of teacher union members as they demanded more and more taxpayer money when I first began watching local government closely. I find the leveraging of children (who aren’t being educated as well as they ought to be, especially at such a high price) in order to abuse the people of town highly disturbing.