Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens Are Exactly the Wrong Thing For Rhode Island


Tuesday at the State House:

Debate over making it legal for undocumented immigrants to drive automobiles in Rhode Island echoed through the State House Tuesday as hundreds turned out to have their voices heard on a series of bills on opposing sides of the issue.

Illegal immigration erodes taxpayer-funded budgets, wages, jobs for legal immigrants and citizens, public safety and sovereignty. The only way to address it is to stop offering incentives for people to come here – here to the United States and, in this case, here to Rhode Island. For the State of Rhode Island to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens would be a step in exactly the wrong direction as it would encourage rather than discourage illegal immigration into the state. Most deplorably, state elected officials who are advocating for these licenses are doing so for crassly selfish, politically-self-promotional reasons and definitely not with the best interest of Rhode Island – or, laughably, public safety – in mind.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    stop offering incentives for people to come here

    Just this afternoon, I was wondering why Spanish speaking immigrants come to RI, rather than Spanish speaking Florida. Could it be incentives?

  • 13citizen13

    Illegals are already directed to RI from NY and FL. Let’s hope federal funding is cut off to sanctuary states/cities after the Nov elections. We’ll see if state funds are directed to RI citizens or illegals. Will the Governor put illegals first?

  • Karyn52

    I’m so sick and tired of illegals demanding perks of being an American citizen. Also tired of illegals with signs in Spanish.

  • Concerned

    We must stop rewarding illegal behavior.

  • Slow Poke

    Why stop with driving privileges? Let’s give illegal immigrants voting privileges, and while we’re at it, let’s subsidize home ownership for these poor souls. And let’s not forget the broad panoply of public handouts we can provide for them. After all, “Illegal” is just a state of mind, right?

  • oceanstater

    I’ll add it undermines respect for the rule of law to do this, already shaky enough. I cannot imagine going to say Mexico, France, or any country illegally and then demanding a driving license.
    I will disagree with the characterization of the reason for supporting such licenses here, there are really many people who get to know the people here illegally and understandably want to help them as individuals without getting the bigger picture.