Each Subscription Does Matter


We’ve been using our email list and social media accounts to remind folks about our new subscription opportunity.  “Subscription” is a bit of a misnomer; basically, it’s a monthly recurring donation (tax deductible, by the way) of $7.60 — about a quarter a day.

I won’t copy and paste the basic pitch on the donate page, but one point that I’d like to emphasize is that subscriptions do matter.  Naturally, we’ve got some bills to cover, but more importantly, we’re increasingly convinced of the need to bring the Ocean State Current to the next level.  Having a regular source of revenue will give work on the Current more weight versus other things we have to do and create the ability to promote what we do.  That, in turn, should increase the number of readers, bringing more incentive to build the site and opening up new opportunities for content (and revenue).

Beyond the business strategy, knowing that people are willing to pay some of their hard-earned money in a completely voluntary way for our work — and the prospect of more of it — is extremely encouraging.  Every person who makes that decision is like a shot in the arm, pushing us to find new ways to improve Rhode Island with information and a message that is too often absent (and too often suppressed).

Please, give it some thought and sign on for a regular donation.