Early Thoughts on a Tiverton Casino


Rumors permeated among Tiverton’s politically active residents, last night, that some big news would be coming today.  I joked to my friends that the town planned to secede to Massachusetts and move the planned Fall River to Tiverton.

As it turned out, that joke was a bit like splitting the zeros on a roulette table.

News is out — see here and here, for examples — that Twin River Management Group has plans to move its Newport Grand facility to Tiverton, along Stafford Rd. directly on the other side of Rt. 24 from an area of Fall River, Massachusetts, that is heavily developed with retail businesses.

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  • ShannonEntropy

    Justin ,

    What leads you to believe that the residents of Tiverton won’t fight any proposed casino deal as loudly and as fiercely as the residents of Newport have ??

    • Justin Katz

      Nothing’s for certain, and this idea is coming out of the blue. That said, the differences are substantial.
      Location: The Newport Grand location is near an area of the city at which locals are already used to having traffic issues, and the area’s so developed that there are many residences right around it. That part of Tiverton isn’t as developed, and the site would be right on the highway, where traffic isn’t a big problem, at this time. Moreover, it’s right next to Fall River, the effect of which is already understood by residents.
      History: Newport residents have long been pushing back on casinos, so there’s some momentum there that may not exist in Tiverton.
      Political dynamics: Tiverton’s more of a small town, and its politics reflect that. A few key figures making the case could persuade people that it’s a good or bad idea.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Moreover, it’s right next to Fall River, the effect of which is already understood by residents…

    A point raised by Mrs ShannonEntropy on our daily afternoon walk … and before I read your reply supra =►

    One of the main arguments that casino opponents in Tiverton are gonna trot out is the “increased crime” and “other social detriments” a casino is supposedly sure to bring

    Right now, there is no reason for the FR or New Bedford dregs of society to go out of their way to visit

    … but a casino in Tiverton will attract those Bad Elements like flies to a manure pile [[ my analogy ,, but her thought ]]

    FR & NB are two of the most crime- & poverty-ridden cities in Mass so this argument makes a LOT of sense
    (( http://www.homesecurityshield.org/news/most-dangerous-cities-in-massachusetts/ ))

    • Tommy Cranston

      You miss the point that the casino site is in an isolated area a 100 yard dash from Fall River so in essence it IS Fall River.
      If I was a Tiverton resident I would hold out for an immediate and permanent end to the noxious car tax in return for approval.