Electing a New Electorate


In the popular imagination, political coups involve military action, long knives in the night, or some other form of violence, but the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party are arguably working to do the same thing by flooding the electorate with ineligible voters:

Non-citizens are voting in American elections, and the federal government refuses to do anything to stop it.

Worse, the current administration seems to be doing everything they can to prevent the states from trying to stop it. First, they sued states that asked people to present ID before voting. Now, the administration will not let states even ask people to establish they are citizens when they register to vote. …

… Noncitizens are offered the voter registration forms all over the country and are filling them out, and they are being added to the rollsregardless of which [citizenship] box they check.

Add it to the growing evidence of dawning fascism.

  • ShannonEntropy
    • Warrington Faust

      Ann refers to “Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act “. The popular title is “Western Hemisphere Preference Act”. In effect, this established a quota on European immigrants. It has been a long time, so feel free to check my numbers, I believe that one European was permitted for every 3, or 4, Central/South Americans permitted entry. Since immigration is no longer “legal” in any meaningful sense, the quotas are now meaningless. I am not particulalrly critical of Mexicans, I understand most be very hard working. Still,we have “outsourced” manufacturing and now, with high unemployment, we are “outsourcing labor”. Without doubt we are a European country; I wonder if Mexicans who celebrate their defeat on Cingo de Mayo can ever fully understand Thomas Jefferson. Will the Founding Fathers just become “DWM”‘s?

  • Greg

    The Demoncrat Party is an absolute disgrace. If we continue on the current course, those States who value liberty have no other recourse but to declare their independence. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?

    • arrivederci

      You baggers are free to leave any time you like. The MAJORITY of us that remain behind won’t miss you at all.

  • Warrington Faust

    I think Justin’s reference to the “Night of long knives” (Nacht der langen
    Messer) is a bit extreme; especially since one of its objectives was to destroy a socialist segment of the Nazi party. Still, his point is well taken. The “right to vote” was once sacred, the ultimate talisman of citizenship.
    The “rght” is now being given, many would say illegally, to people most likely to see themselves as benefiting from further socialization. Since children tend to vote as their parents do, this would increase over time. I am not sure that I see the flag going down while we “celebrate diversity”, but I fear the “Protestant Ethic” is in trouble. The problem is probably as simple as this, politicians understand immigrants as having a “democrat inside, waiting to get out”. They simply wish to expand their base. A “bloodless coup”? Perhaps.

    Justin’s analogy does pose a question worthy of consideration. How did
    Germany, an advanced nation, manage to so thoroughly debase itself in less than a generation? Could it happen here? The debasement, not the brutality. It is apparent that “robotics” will continue to destroy low skilled, and semi skilled, jobs; perhaps at an amazing rate. Why are we importing more low skilled labor? Robotics is quickly moving into agriculture, Imagine farming equipment that works all night. Can we not expect “Luddites”? What will the “IWW” say?

  • Warrington Faust

    Another thought on immigration, it must be getting late. It was Germans, the Angles and Saxons, that gave the British a concept of “rights” which led to the Magna Carta. Contemporary historians no longer support the theory that they “cut their way to glory”.