Explaining a Lower Tax Increase in Tiverton


For those who are interested in local political contests, I’ve put in another alternative budget for consideration at Tiverton’s financial town referendum (FTR), this year, to be on the ballot for voting on Saturday, May 16, at the town’s high school.

The town’s informational page about the referendum is here.  I’ve posted an explanation of the budget proposal on Tiverton Fact Check.

  • Mike678

    Interesting about the school department tactics. The same issue is occurring in other RI towns. School Departments are overestimating costs and/or underestimating revenues and surprise!–end of year surpluses in the millions of dollars–and growing. Yet they somehow still manage to put educational programs and athletics on the chopping block first–after fully fund administrators, raises, etc.. Smart, actually–people don’t yell at the Town Council to raise taxes to fund more administration….

    That said, School administrators are often caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t, by law, run a deficit so it is natural to pad the budget a bit. But some are taking it a bit far–North Kingstown, for example. The NKSD carries a $1.2 M pad year to year for emergencies, yet managed to have an additional $1.6M surplus in 2014 and even more projected for 2015. Yet they claim schools are “underfunded” and can’t afford $500K next year for full day K and want taxes raised. Arrogance and greed are not a good combination.