“Fair” Workweek Would Be Anything But to Rhode Island’s Already Beleaguered Businesses


Dale J. Venturini is president and CEO of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association but she spoke for all state businesses when she made the overwhelming case in Tuesday’s ProJo against this hideous proposal.

For the first time in Rhode Island’s history, legislation is being proposed in the House of Representatives that would place impossible scheduling requirements on businesses. It would not only change the way business is done in the state but would cripple it.

The bills are offered under the guise of a “Fair Workweek for Rhode Island,” but they are anything but fair to local businesses, large and small.

And don’t miss Arlene Violet’s smart, insightful take on this in today’s Valley Breeze.

  • Tommy Cranston

    As always RI focuses on the sapling while ignoring the forest.
    Headline in today’s NYT:

    “Study Finds Public Pension Promises Exceed Ability to Pay”
    Big Shock-LOL

  • bobwashburn

    Many thanks to Monique and Arlene for keeping us regular folks up to date on what the “do gooder” GA members spend their state job time creating – mind-numbing legislation that if enacted would drive small business owners either to insolvency or escape to Massachusetts – where legislators have no time for such nonsense. (they create and enact stuff like the new opiate law).

  • Slow Poke

    There must be more we can do to drive our economy over the cliff. In the case of the GA, the voters (through lack of interest) have already turned the asylum over to the inmates (members). How about if the GA mandates that any revenues collected by a business be given to the employees, who after divvying it up could then award any “excess” dollars to the employer. You know- to pay costs like keeping the lights on, etc.

    Here’s an idea- how about if the GA criminalizes pine needles? Or passes a law allowing them to bring their dogs to restaurants? Oh, yeah- been there, done that.

    I suggest we need an Official RI State Idiot. Only problem would be the competition for the honor.