First Hearing for Bright Today, Tomorrow


The legislation on which the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has been working that would implement the education savings account (ESA) variety of school choice in Rhode Island is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow.  It’s the second bill on the agenda of the Senate Education Committee, scheduled for room 313 at the rise of the chamber — somewhere around 4:30 p.m., give or take.

The bill in question is S0607.  Here is information about the idea.  And here is the membership list for the committee.

Legislation to grant freedom from government monopolies on this scale are a challenge in Rhode Island under any circumstances, but the public is going to have to show growing interest in the possibility for it to have any chance.

  • Myth vs. Reality

    You might get a few rubes in Tiverton to follow you, Justin. But this idea is going to get you laughed back to Newport County.

    • Mike678

      Good schooling would help your children and the community. They could surpass you in education, critical thought, self-awareness and compassion. A low bar, I know, but any improvement is positive.

      • Myth vs. Reality

        More generic pablum from Justin’s rump-swab.