Good Advice: Don’t Follow Your Passion…


… bring it with you.  On a busy day, my lunchtime blogging slot is amply filled with a short video by Mike Rowe (via Instapundit):

Of course, one can always hedge, as I did.  Keep whatever long-shot activity about which you’re passionate firmly understood as a hobby and keep eyes open for an opportunity to turn it into a career.  The key is not to let that hedge dominate your decision making.

  • Mike678

    Good advice. Many of my son’s friends followed their passions–and were encouraged to do so by their college professors and advisors. We told him to follow his passions by finding a field as close to his passions as possible, but one that had job potential. He has a job before graduation (not in RI–shock)–the others live with their parents wondering how they are going to pay off their loans…