Good Grief – No Grants or Any Other Tax Dollars Should Go to Lobbying


Good article in today’s Providence Journal by Patrick Anderson, headlined: “Do R.I. General Assembly grants funnel back into lobbying?”

The answer, in many cases, is “yes, they do”. And for those recipient organizations who use this defense of the dollars they receive from Smith Hill:

Many said they use only non-grant funds to lobby.

Bosh. If your organization does ANY lobbying, grant dollars free up other dollars in your budgets to be used to lobby.

Often, the goal of lobbying is for policies that are antithetical to the best interest of the taxpayer. Accordingly, it is grotesque that tax dollars, whether via grants or any other source, would go to an organization that lobbies any arm of the government of Rhode Island.

  • Russ

    Careful what you wish for here. You’re basically making the argument that state grants for non-religious activities of religious organizations is tantamount to state sponsorship of religion because it frees up other dollars in the budget.

    Are you saying we should view grants to say a food pantry run by a church to be the same as a grant supporting their proselytism?

    • OceanStateCurrent

      Got a solution: End this ridiculous grant program.