Government Can’t Stop Evil


Andrew Klavan hits a chord of truth, writing about the massacre in Las Vegas and the individual instances of heroism:

Like most conservatives, I was sickened by the way the left rushed to manipulate the nation’s grief and anger in an attempt to strip us of our right to defend life and liberty, a right also known as the right to bear arms. Then Mollie Hemingway said something on the Special Report panel that was so compassionate and illuminating, it cooled my outrage. “We’re pretending we’re having a debate about gun control,” Mollie said, “but we’re really having a debate about the nature of evil and whether a big enough government can contain it.” It was an observation so womanly wise that a mere news discussion couldn’t address it. The rest of the panel ignored her and the talk immediately turned to the utterly meaningless effort to ban bump stocks.

But of course, she was right: that’s exactly what we’re really talking about. The left sneers at conservatives for “doing nothing,” but conservatism understands the tragedy of the fallen world: we can only choose between freedom with evil and slavery with evil, because no government is large enough to make evil go away.

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Indeed, evil will go where control exists, including government.  If the last century should have taught us anything, it was that.

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  • Rhett Hardwick

    Let’s begin by saying I have little interest in “black rifles”, I much prefer walnut and blued steel. I agree that the debate about “bump stocks” is nearly a hoax, but it is the camel’s nose under the tent. I understand the same recoil actuated firing can be accomplished with a little tape. There is a reason the military limits them to three shot bursts, the reason is the ability to maintain aimed fire.

  • Kenneth J. Carr

    Glad you pointed this out, Justin. Many people refuse to believe that something called ‘Evil’ actually exists. if they did then it would open the door to belief in God, something that is not especially popular with the crowd that thinks worship means staring into a cell phone and ignoring the world around them. The media report that officials are ‘still searching for a motive’. They won’t find it until they recognize that some aspects of life are not revealed by reason alone.