Government Connections as Their Own Qualification


Here’s a peculiar tidbit from the Newport Daily News (not online).  Tiverton is hiring a new town administrator, and one of the applicants has a name that might be familiar to others across the state:

[Democrat State Representative from Lincoln and Pawtucket Jeremiah] O’Grady, a former Town Council president in Lincoln, is the director of operations for asset management for ONE Neighborhood of Providence, managing a 330-unit residential portfolio, he said.

He does not have any experience as a town administrator and does not have any experience negotiating union contracts.

OK, then.  On the other hand, O’Grady has “studied” some “town documents, such as budgets and audit reports” and therefore feels “comfortable in the position,” according to reporter Marcia Pobzeznik.

As a general proposition, I’d never discourage people from putting themselves out there for jobs for which they might not be credentialed, but I have to scratch my head on this one, not only the application, but also the fact that the Personnel Board would forward it on to the Town Council as one of three finalists.

Incidentally, ONE Neighborhood Builders appears to be a successor or parent organization to the Olneyville Housing Corporation, which has received nearly $400,000 per year from the state government in the past two (and more than $100,000 in prior years) from multiple agencies.