Governor Pitches Free College to More Kids Who Can’t Do Math or Read at Grade Level


Last week, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo and Democrat Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed visited Rogers High School in Newport to promote the governor’s plan to buy votes by giving families taxpayer dollars for two years of public college:

“When I talk to people around the state like your parents, they tell me that they are kept up at night thinking about your future,” Governor Raimondo told the students. “I want you and Rhode Islanders like you to get the jobs companies are creating here. The number one barrier to a college degree is cost. Our Free College proposal is affordable and an investment we need to make in your future. I am so thankful for Senate President Paiva Weed’s leadership and partnership. Working with her, I’m confident that all of you will have a shot at a good job here in Rhode Island.”

The women didn’t mention that 96% of students at Rogers High School are not proficient in math, and only 21% are proficient in reading.  A more honest message would be:

In cooperation with your teachers’ union, we have ensured that most of you are not receiving the education that you deserve.  You’ll be excited to hear that rather than fix the problems that we’ve created for selfish reasons, we’re going to take tens of millions of dollars from your parents and neighbors and cut two to four years out of your adult life in order to try to get you to where you ought to be right now.

The reception that these politicians get when they abuse their power like this — using school time to campaign to children — ought to be more like a Tea Party town hall than a pep rally.  It would seem that keeping students under-educated has its benefits.

  • Raymond Carter

    What could be greater folly than forcing working people to pay tens of millions for inadequately educated kids to take high school (ie remedial) classes at CCRI.
    Meanwhile St. Gina will pat herself firmly on the back and parrot the “Moving Forward” mantra.
    Just another day in the delusional Blue States where boys are girls and food stamps are economic development.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Success requires a “college education”, fine we’ll give you a diploma. Why did a high education become worthless? Because we began giving away diplomas.

  • Terry Gorman

    When Susan Lusi was Prov. Supt. of Schools she stated that the biggest problem she had was the LARGE number of students arriving in the 9 Th grade only able to function at the 5 Th grade level. Social promotion seems to be the Mantra for Education community and their Unions in our state. Teachers are not allowed to TEACH.