Governor Raimondo’s Anti-Boy Consistency


Not to pick on her, but here again a reader can’t help but wonder whether Providence Journal reporter Madeleine List was entirely unable to find anybody who could explain the contrary position to her:

Gov. Gina Raimondo and Rhode Island’s postsecondary education commissioner announced their opposition on Wednesday to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s proposed changes to the federal civil-rights law that protects people from discrimination based on sex.

In a letter to DeVos, Raimondo and Commissioner Brenda Dann-Messier said the proposed changes would impede Rhode Island higher-education institutions’ ability to implement protections under the law, known as Title IX. …

“The proposed changes to existing Title IX guidance can only be construed as a misguided effort to reduce the reporting burden placed on educational institutions and protect the accused at the expense of the victim,” the letter says. “Sadly, the reality is that the proposed changes will further traumatize victims in the very environments that are meant to prepare and inspire them for successful careers and lives.”

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The way these rules have been implemented under guidance from the Obama administration has tended to make victims of young men, stripping them of due process rights.  That’s not something that can be left out of a news story… unless it’s really just advocacy.

On the substance, nobody should be surprised that a governor who hosts an annual contest that discriminates against school boys would also oppose due process rights for young men.

  • Joe Smith

    What’s kept out of the discussion is the disproportionate impact on black males; I’m guessing the Gov weighed the general “I have to be on record as against DeVos and Trrump” over “the old rule hurt black males more” and erred on the former, especially since you don’t hear a peep from the NAACP or others when it comes to this issue.

    I don’t know why we even have a higher ed commissioner given we only have 3 public schools, but just like Wagner, she’s just a “go along to get along” appointee.

    and Justin, what do you expect from a Gov who won’t recognize the ELA proficiency gap of boys – goodness, if she doesn’t care about a fundamental skill as reading as boys, why would anyone think she would care about their due process rights as young men?

  • Monique Chartier

    “has tended to make victims of young men, stripping them of due process rights.”

    Exactly right. Sorry, over-eager neo-feminists, even young men have due process rights.