Grumbling About East Side Progressives


One hopes (but doubts) that John Walsh’s opinion is on the increase in Rhode Island:

Our elected representatives on the East Side are progressives, a misnomer if ever there was one. Their priorities are ranting at President Donald Trump, advocating for more illegal immigrants, concern over Roe v. Wade, and other “progressive” issues.

As the quality of life deteriorates here, no one seems to be concerned over the many local issues. The criminals who prey on the East Side are not worried about being caught. They immediately go shopping with the stolen credit cards.

As the elections are almost upon us, it seems all the candidates claim to be progressive. What a shame. We’re getting very little value for the taxes we pay here.

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The thing is:  Progressivism doesn’t work to produce the lives that people want to live, so progressives must always be directing your eyes elsewhere.

  • Christopher C. Reed

    So I was jouncing around the Eastside, thinking, 1) WHAT is with these streets? Aren’t these folks, you know…connected? 2) Gonna need new tie rods after this pounding.

  • rlamont

    Also, most “Progressives” are socialists. I really hope that we do not become another Venezuela.

    • Fake Mike

      Can’t really argue with logic when none exists.

      • rlamont

        Nothing to do with logic. Progressive/Socialist is simply a fact.

    • BasicCaruso
      • rlamont

        Yes, 6’4″

  • BasicCaruso

    Looks like Elorza is losing the East Side the geezer vote. Back in my day we walked to school… uphill… both ways!

    • Rhett Hardwick

      I remember arriving with my hair frozen.