Happening to Follow a Checklist for Fascism


Elizabeth Price Foley highlights something that might have been easy to miss in the drama of recent racial rioting:

Al Sharpton is calling for the creation of a national police force. And it looks like President Obama is considering the option. While the federal government undoubtedly lacks a “police power” and the concomitant authority to create a national police force, it does have a “spending power,” implied from the Constitution’s enumerated power to levy taxes, and the Supreme Court has upheld the imposition of “strings,” or conditions, on the receipt of federal funds.

Sort of like Common Core or the many federal programs that have led states simply to implement federal policy, with some local latitude at the margins, such policies would effectively nationalize police forces that take the deal.

Now, I’m not saying President Obama and the Democrats are deliberately following the textbook steps for taking totalitarian control over a previously democratic country, but these are one set of steps nonetheless:

  1. Stoke divisions along national, class, religious, or racial lines.
  2. Foster an environment in which chaos and violence come to feel endemic.
  3. Propose a nationalized solution that gives control over police forces to a central authority and excuses crackdowns on people’s rights.

Powerline notes that police shootings are actually extremely rare, particularly if narrowed down to those that aren’t clearly justified, and yet, they are dominating the news to the extent that they’re sparking (or providing pretense for) riots.

Really, it’s time to wake up from the hopenchange daydreams.

  • D. S. Crockett

    The leftist are intensifying their march toward totalitarianism aided and abetted by allies in the administration, MSM, public sector unions, and academia. Follow the money. The ringleaders should be brought to justice for promoting rioting and property destruction under the guise of income equality, racial justice, etc. Unfortunately, the general public is totally unaware what is going on. The next Repub nominee must articulate the connection or he or she should not be the nominee.

  • Warrington Faust

    I have noted before that I cringe when I hear adult males part with “stay safe”. Although crime levels are the lowest in decades, Americans seem possessed with fear. How often does one hear “it is a safety issue”. I have noted what I regard as a recent phenomonen, when children wiait directly in front of thier house for a school bus, they are guarded by a parent. At that age, I walked a 1/4 mile to a “bus stop”, where 4-5 kids gathered with nary a parent. I have difficulty seeing this as a plot; I suspect that it is the result of the immediacy and easy transfer of “news”. If a girl is kidnapped in California, the entire nation is aware of it, with video, within 12 hours.

    When I was 16, or 17, i gave a drunken friend a ride home. He tossed a beer bottle in someone’s driveway, this was observed by the homeowner. Dropping my friend at home, I met up with some friends to dicuss girls and the state of the world. The homeowner showed up, approached us and demanded that the broken glass be picked up. My car being recognized, I agreed to do it. No one called the police. Who would accost a group of teenagers today? Maybe he had little faith in the police. That same year the police came to my house and dragged me out of bed at 2 AM. They claimed I had “almost run down three nuns”. The accusing cop was later sent to a mental hospital. Regardless of the inanity of his accusation, the other cops “formed up” with him. My mother, and I, were “grilled” on a sidewalk until “released” at 4 AM.

  • Warrington Faust

    Speaking of police, why aren’t we lauding the Garland, Texas “traffic cop” with a handgun who took out the two ISIS affiliates armed with AK-47’s and body armor. They must have been head shots, that guy is some “pistolero”. Consider how the Charlie Hebdo massacre might have gone differently if the French police had such. “Don’t mess with Texas”. Too bad Marty Robbins is gone.

  • Max

    Just what we need, another jobs program a la TSA.