Holding Down Grandma for Euthanasia


Is this really the direction in which we want to go?  From an unsigned article of the Catholic News Agency:

[The elderly woman in Amsterdam] had reportedly expressed a desire for euthanasia when “the time was right” at an earlier date, but had not done so recently.

The senior doctor at the the nursing home determined that the woman’s condition meant that the time was right, and put a sleep-inducing drug into the woman’s coffee in order to administer the lethal injection without consulting the woman.

The woman woke up as the doctor was trying to give the injection, and fought the procedure. The doctor had to ask family members to hold the woman down while she completed the injection.

Hold your grandmother down while I kill her.  Aren’t some things self-evidently wrong?  In the popular imagination, there comes a time when people who’ve been moved down a dark path find that their actions are so extreme that it breaks through the social or psychological blinders that had hidden their true nature.  This seems like it should be one of those what-are-we-doing moments.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “Soylent Green”?

  • Monique Chartier

    This is completely horrifying. Every person involved should be charged with murder. And this murderous incident confirms that every country that has legalized euthanasia needs to rescind the law.