Horwitz Cranks the Left-Wing Noise Machine on WPRO


Steve Klamkin’s WPRO interview with Roger Williams University Law Professor Andrew Horwitz is unbelievable.  Horwitz is a Rhode Island signatory to a “character assassination” letter promoted by a bunch of his peers about President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R, Alabama) as attorney general.

The guy — that is, Professor Horwitz — gave over $5,000 to Rhode Island Democrats between the 2012 and 2016 elections, and to listen to Klamkin’s interview, you’d think he’s either a neutral expert called in to talk about some apolitical topic or a charitable philanthropist who’s organizing for an objectively good cause that Klamkin wants to help him promote.

In reality, the “news” is probably that Horwitz is the typical signer of this letter: not somebody offering a professional assessment, but a political hack.  Glenn Reynolds has it right: “At this point, the Left is mostly just a noise machine.”  The longer it runs, the more people will tune it out, which will be a benefit on the political front, but a detriment when it comes to the news media and even academia.

  • Mike678

    That the progressives have been able to run wild with their destructive results demonstrates the apathy of the average voter. That Trump won infers that they have gone too far and it’s time for a correction. Why does the left think that the voters will suddenly grow less apathetic because they more loudly bang the drum that America rejected?

    • Rhett Hardwick

      ” Professor Horwitz — gave over $5,000 to Rhode Island Democrats ”

      That is frequently the first step towards a judgeship, isn’t it?