Huh. Why is Vice President Biden Really Coming to RI?


Governor Raimondo says its because her toll-funded

RhodeWorks, a program that is set to charge tolls on some trucks, and other construction projects, has turned heads, including in Washington

But could the real reason be to try and get someone, ANYONE other than those who would directly benefit from it (or is a personal friend of the Governor), to say something good about her toll program? If so, it’s interesting that Governor Raimondo’s administration had to go out of state and all the way to Washington, DC, to find someone to talk up this highly destructive new revenue stream. It would also confirm the generally held view that Governor Raimondo’s toll program, passed by the General Assembly (how did your legislator vote?), has pretty much the same political popularity as a new government Puppy Kicking Program.

  • mg riley

    Its pretty clear she has some higher up support in the Party. The first sign was the support of the Manhattan Institute and John Arnold Foundation in her pension efforts. Then she got David Boies for 50 bucks an hour. Now Biden is trying to rescue her image before she flames out by dealing with a thug like Mattielo. Not sure who exactly her Rabbi is. But she is clearly being monitored from Washington.

  • Art

    VP Biden: Rhode Islanders want our bridges and roads maintained in top shape, but we don’t want to be robbed by toll stations to fund them. We want our leaders to devote the necessary money taken from our existing and bloated $9 billion + budget. I thought you might want to know.

    • Raymond Carter

      Frankly there’s no evidence that’s true. We have had government spending per capita double to triple sanely governed state’s like NH, AZ, TX, FL, OK, etc. for decades along with the taxes and fees to pay for it and the people still keep voting D.
      We deserve what we get.

      • Art

        You’ve got a point there…

  • Max

    I’m thinking he’s checking in on a seed program.