If the Data’s There, Government Will Grab It


As I read through all of the legislation submitted in the General Assembly, one of the recurring themes is the creation of vast stores of data.  Toll gantries will collect data.  A statewide database on prescription drugs will collect data.  Medical information will be collected.  Proposed license plate scanners will collect data.  The unified health infrastructure program (UHIP) will collect data on a variety of life details.  Schools collect data.  DNA collection will be collected even based on accusations of crimes.

Well, speaking of DNA:

Two major companies that research family lineage for fees around $200 say that over the last two years, they have received law enforcement demands for genetic information stored in their DNA databases.

How much easier it will be when the government owns all these databases.  And how easy it is to predict that assurances that the information will never be mixed together or used for anything other than the initially stated purpose will prove completely worthless.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “What can be done, will be done” that is why our elected guardians must develop a philosophy other than “go along to get along”. In the interim, they will continue in their attempts to “keep us safe”. Meanwhile, search yard sales for an old, hazy, plastic license plate protector. It will help.