Is Climate Change Persecution Fading Already?


With one of our U.S. Senators’, Mr. Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat, naturally), being a key figure in the fascist effort to pursue legal persecution of people who have a contrary opinion to him on the politically charged issue of global climate change, Rhode Islanders might be interested to hear that some of his allies are backing away from his level of aggression, as the Wall Street Journal notes (text here):

Virgin Islands AG Claude Walker recently withdrew his subpoena of Exxon Mobil. He was a leader among the 17 AGs charging that the oil giant defrauded shareholders by hiding the truth about global warming. That’s hard to prove when the company’s climate-change research was published in peer-reviewed journals.

Mr. Walker also targeted some 90 think tanks and other groups in an attempt to punish climate dissent. These groups and others, including these columns, pushed back on First Amendment grounds, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute counter-sued Mr. Walker and demanded sanctions. He pulled his subpoena against CEI last month.

The real shame, and the real warning sign, is that those AGs, and fellow travelers like Whitehouse, weren’t instantly lambasted by people across America’s political spectrum for even initiating such patently offensive-to-freedom steps .

  • Rhett Hardwick

    It is hard to believe how pervasive thoughts on “Climate Change” (formerly global warming) have become. I subscribe to several archaeological news services. About 15% (by my estimate) of the articles now ascribe great movements in pre-history to “climate change”. Certainly, pre-history is a sufficiently long period for climate change to have occurred. Evidence is always thin, leaving room for supposition and competing theories. But more and more, it seems as though supposition favors climate change. I have noticed that in my lifetime, theories on the extinction of dinosaurs have moved from climate change to asteroid collision.

    It is quite obvious that “never let a crisis go to waste” favors climate change hysteria. It is a star anyone can hitch their wagon to. Being old enough to recall the hysteria over the “coming ice age” (starring the same “NASA scientist”) in the 70’s, Y2K, and “the oceans will feed us forever” I am skeptical.

    • Mike678

      It’s the ‘big lie’–tell it long enough and the sheep believe it. Come to think of it, it was 70 yesterday–and it’s supposed to reach 80 degrees tomorrow. If this warming trend continues, we’ll roast by Sunday! It’s science, you know……