Is This Representative of RI Teachers?


TEACHER ALERT: 100% of the Nat’l Educ Assoc of RI (NEARI) endorsements are for Democrats, including EVERY far-left PROGRESSIVE incumbent. If you pay union dues and this political extremism is not shared by you, the US Supreme Court ruled in June that you no longer have to give part of your paycheck to the union – and you cannot lose your job, status, or benefits.

What would it take for you to consider leaving your union saving about $7,000 over ten years for your family?

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  • Mike678

    People vote their self-interest, and there is little the Dems won’t give the public sector unions for their support. Nothing new here except to find the tipping point for RI voters. That Mattiello nixed the PawSox hand-out leads me (optimistically) to believe we may be approaching that point.