It’s Pull-Papers Time!


If you’re planning to run for office in Rhode Island, it’s time to file a Declaration of Candidacy form. Deadline to file is tomorrow (Wednesday, June 29, 2016) by 4:00 pm. If you’re running for local or state office, you would file them with your local Board of Canvassers. (The Board of Canvassers is often a part of your City or Town Clerk’s office and, if not, they can certainly direct you.) If you’re running for federal office, file with the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office. (… I presume that’s what “Department of State” means on this form; seems like poor wording by the RI Secretary of State’s office.) FYI, next step will be to collect signatures on the nomination papers that you will, in due course, need to obtain.

A couple of current event items to note. The Tee-Shirt guy had vowed to run again but as of the end of the day yesterday, he had not pulled papers. (Possibly an investigation by the Rhode Island State Police has impacted either his schedule or his plans.)

And, if you were mulling a run for the General Assembly, perhaps this will tip you over: WPRI’s Ted Nesi has crunched the numbers and determined that Governor Raimondo, with the highly misguided approval of the General Assembly, has handed out $50 million ($50,000,000) AND COUNTING in corporate welfare under the guise of economic development. As a legislator, you would have the ability to vote against such costly, inequitable madness.