Johnston Councilwoman – and Dean of RWU – Taking Best of Both Possible Worlds


Well, this is a tad awkward. Investigative reporter Jim Hummel has rumbled Johnston Councilwoman Stephanie P. Manzi and her husband sending their children to (presumably) better schools in Narragansett on the residency basis of an 800 square foot cottage in that town while grabbing a homestead exemption for their house in Johnston.

Councilwoman Manzi told us the cottage – and not this 3,200-square-foot house in Johnston they’ve owned for more than a decade – is where the children live.

Hummel: “Full-time?’’
Manzi: “Full-time.’’
Hummel: “You’re sure about that?’’
Manzi: “Yes I am.’’

Yes, awkward, especially as Councilwoman Manzi is currently Dean of the Roger Williams University School of Justice Studies. Dr. Manzi is certainly practicing “real world practical application” of the resources of two different towns.

… one of the most valuable tools that we can provide our students with is the ability to link the theoretical knowledge in the classroom to its real-world practical application.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    What are ” Justice Studies.”. I am always dubious of an academic discipline which includes the word “studies”.

    • Max

      It’s their Criminal Justice (aka Law Enforcement) program.

  • loumazzucchelli

    It walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck. But it’s par for the course in our little state, where “I got mine – screw you” should be the slogan on our license plates. Where is the outrage over this behavior? Maybe some enterprising journalist can boil this down to dollars and cents and show just how much money is being picked from the pockets of Narragansett taxpayers to educate these non-resident students, and how much money Johnston residents are leaving on the table because their student counts are under-represented. Not to mention the duplicitous behavior of a Johnston council-person “protecting” Johnston schools from encroachment while utilizing another public school system. Oh, and this person teaches at a law school? Perfect.