Judge “Treason” by Deeds


In national politics, the outrage-a-day ethos that the news media has pursued since President Donald Trump became a serious candidate has made it a matter of urgency to comment on anything on which a writer might think to comment.  Wait a few days in order to take care of items of more actual relevance, and the tempest on which one had something to say is no longer relevant.

Well, I’m not sure where we are with the whole “Trump is a Russian asset” mania, but for the sake of offering my little corrective to the monolithic certainty one sees among Rhode Island’s news and commentary folks, here’s Mark Tapscott’s “10 Ways Trump Put Real Muscle in U.S. Policies, Defenses Against Russia“:

That “something [beneficial that might come from the Russia hysteria” is a sharper public understanding of the numerous ways in which Trump has reversed the accommodation, wavering and vacillation that marked former President Barack Obama’s approach during his eight years in the Oval Office to dealing with Putin.

Obama’s weakness was epitomized by the “red line” he drew in Syria against chemical weapons. Obama did nothing when Syria’s Russian-backed dictator, President Bashar al-Assad, killed hundreds of civilians with chlorine gas.

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Putin subsequently annexed Crimea and openly backed insurgents trying to return Ukraine to Russian control.

While U.S. intelligence and military assets have undertaken multiple unpublicized measures since Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, the following dozen initiatives on the public record amount to a near-complete reversal of the Obama years.

Have people forgotten the truism that we should watch people’s actions, not their words?  The United States is still backing Ukraine and is pressuring Europe to increase its resilience in the face of Russia.  Probably most importantly, we continue to build our energy output, which drains the Russian economy.  Those aren’t the actions of a foreign government’s “asset.”

In fact, they’re just about the opposite of the policies pursued by our prior president, whom a hot mic caught transmitting a message to Vladimir that he’d have more flexibility once he’d won reelection.

  • BasicCaruso

    To date how much has RICFP received in donations from Russians or other foreign nationals? Have people forgotten the truism that we should follow the money?

    Foreign Funding of Think Tanks Is Corrupting Our Democracy

    How should a reader verify that you’re not paid operative?

  • BasicCaruso

    Leaving aside that Justin’s posts have all the hallmarks of being bot authored, what are the RICFP’s ties to foreign oil concerns in support of global warming denial?

    What about Donor’s Trust, a group with known links to the organization? Are they laundering foreign donations for US propaganda mills such as RICFP? #freedomtopollute #prosperitypimps

    Undercover journalists approached William Happer to produce a paper for a fictional oil and gas company in the Middle East. Happer suggested that funds be channeled through the CO2 Coalition, of which he was a board member. Fellow CO2 Coalition Board Member Bill O’keefe suggested that the funds be channeled through DonorsTrust…

    Investigators then asked Peter Lipsett, director of growth strategies at DonorsTrust, if the Trust would accept money from the (fictional) oil and gas company based in the Middle East. Lipsett responded that, while the trust required that funds come from a U.S. Bank Account, “we can take it from a foreign body, it’s just we have to be extra cautious with that.” [16]

    He added that: “I’ll double check everything and make sure I’m wording things correctly after chatting with our CFO [Chief Financial Officer], but what he’s told me before is that the preference is to have it in US dollars, and the ideal preference is to have it originate from a US source, but the US dollars is the important bit”. [16]

    DonorsTrust confirmed in a taped conversation with an undercover reporter that it could anonymously channel money from a fictional Middle Eastern oil and gas company to US climate sceptic organisations.

  • Merle The Monster

    Attacking ex President Obama’s record seems to be the latest way of deflecting criticism of Trump’s performance in Finland. Jay Ambrose and Mackubin Thomas Owens’s recently published opinion pieces in the Projo take the same approach with a dash of Hillary bashing thrown in for good measure.

  • Comrade Katz

    “I’m not sure where we are with the whole “Trump is a Russian asset” mania,”…I think you do, chief. You just can bring yourself to admit it.

  • Mike678

    Ah, Trump Derangement syndrome in full view. What a bunch of simple-minded, blind trolls!

    • Merle The Monster

      What a completely stupid comment. You’re wearing out the “derangement syndrome “ nonsense just like how incredibly stupid it is that every scandal has a “gate” attached to its name. This is the product of small minds not just your small mind because I doubt that you were the first to use that phrase. Try to at least come up with something original

      • Mike678

        Sorry to trigger you Merle. Perhaps your anger is more your knowing you are holding a losing ticket and are desperately trying to believe it’s a winner? Frankly, your desperation is a tad sad….