Karen MacBeth Will Step Away from Politics Altogether


… that was the startling announcement that State Representative Karen MacBeth (D then R) made on the Tara Granahan Show yesterday on WPRO.

Republican State Representative Karen MacBeth tells WPRO’s Tara Granahan that she has abandoned her short-lived race for Congress against sitting Congressman David Cicilline, and would also not seek reelection to her General Assembly seat.

Rep MacBeth was a straight shooter on Smith Hill (we need more like her). Thanks to her for trying to get to the bottom of why and how taxpayers came to be on the hook for $89 million in the 38 Studios debacle and especially for trying to get answers and accountability in the critical matter of the seven figure fees paid to the crony of former Speaker Gordon Fox, Michael Corso. (Your cue, Attorney General Kilmartin.)

  • stuckinRI

    Shoveling against the tide can get tiresome, especially with so few like-minded people there to help you.