Keeping the Progressive Elite Employed


Sometimes the exercise of stating things as they appear, removing the names of the people involved helps to clarify what’s being done.  So:

  • The mayor has created an $80,000-per-year government job for somebody to advocate for government-funded pre-kindergarten and housing that is either subsidized or based on restrictions on new developments.  To fill that job, he has hired a twenty-something politician whose work experience includes activism in college, four years as a part-time representative in the state legislature, and a losing campaign for lieutenant governor, who will probably switch to part time when he goes back to school in the fall.
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  • To advance their causes (supposedly helping the disadvantaged), progressive office holders create jobs with unbelievably high salaries to keep their privileged political friends from having to find jobs outside of government and activism.

That, anyway, is how I read Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s hiring of Aaron Regunberg.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Not sure where this offers a good comparison, but today’s Boston Herald includes a link to all state salaries in Massachusetts. Pensions are also accessible. Look for the link in this article to find salaries.

  • Joe Smith

    Let’s be honest; Regunberg is running again for LtGov. Elorza is probably thinking at this point his next step is Gov. You’re going to have at least initially the wild west in the Democratic primary, especially if Gina actually stays four years so there is no incumbent Gov McKee. Elorza is going to need to separate himself from the progressives and a Regunberg endorsement and a defacto Elorza-Regunberg ticket is at this point not a bad hedge.

    RI is probably losing a congressional seat so that squeezes opportunities more – and creates the potential for most likely a Jim Langevin looking for something in 2022 as well.

    Plus, he can do this posturing on the taxpayer’s dime.