Keeping Trump from 1,237


My morning has involved a lot of wheel spinning, so far, but if you’re not having as much trouble with ruts as I am, the Wall Street Journal has an interesting interactive tool to compare various scenarios that may or may not bring Donald Trump to the Republican convention with enough delegates to avoid having his plurality prove immaterial.  (In other words, without having the majority consolidate on somebody else.)

The upshot is that Trump could get to the necessary 1,237 delegates, but it will take a strong sweep of the remaining states.  Speaking only for myself, I can only hope that doesn’t happen.  If the race turns out to be Trump-Clinton, I’ll vote for a third-party candidate or not at all (in the race for president).  Being from I-got-mine Rhode Island, my vote doesn’t tend to count for much, but I want no part in bringing either of those two to the White House

  • Mario

    The irony is that, like with Obamacare, RI has the least to lose by either of those winning. We are already what they want the rest of the country to look like.

    • OceanStateCurrent

      Unfortunately, though, we rely very heavily on the health of the rest of the country. We’re set up to need other states to subsidize our government “company state.”

  • Mike678

    “If the race turns out to be Trump-Clinton, I’ll vote for a third-party candidate or not at all (in the race for president).”

    Then say hello to President Hillary Clinton…unless Bernie is the third party candidate. That would be amusing to watch. Unlikely, however –the Dems will unify while we stay divided and ‘stand on principle.’

    The Republican Congress, as dysfunctional as it often is, has stymied a few of the current President’s initiatives. If Congress can blunt him, can it not do the same for Trump who will have little help/love from the media? Or would you prefer them to try and stop Hillary who will have the media in her pocket? Is there a better of two evils?

    • Justin Katz

      That’s just it: as a practical matter, I’m not sure Trump would do less damage than Clinton. One thing he would definitely do, though, is muddy the waters for a conservative opposition and angst.

      • Rhett Hardwick

        “And so the world ends, with a whimper, not a bang”
        Conservatives tried to express themselves and were ignored. The Tea Party assembled ten of thousands on the Mall (and cleaned up after themselves), they were ignored. So now, they shoot dice, and don’t see Trump as “snake eyes”.

        Hillary promises nothing but more of the same. I don’t want it. I’ll take my chances.

    • Scott

      His vote won’t matter much either way, Mike. RIs electoral votes will go to whomever the Democrat nominee is.

      • Mike678

        Perhaps…it’s a complex issue and many things (FBI investigation, etc.) are still playing out. There is also a growing public anger in RI against the GA that may be reflected in the polls. Regardless, It will be a very dirty and nasty campaign.

        • Scott

          Indeed. Better stock up on popcorn. lol