Keeping Up with the Wealthy Neighbors Down the Block


John Loughlin’s been making insightful comments on his Facebook page about some of Rhode Island’s more visible policy proposals, lately.  Here he is on the proposal for a minor-league baseball stadium in Providence:

North Carolina ranks #3 in best places to do business while Rhode Island ranks 46th! (that’s out of 50 in case your scoring at home)! Also North Carolina ranks 4th in lowest cost to do business while Rhode Island is at 36th and Rhode Island has the second worst regulatory climate in the country at 49th. Until we improve the above, the LAST thing we should throw a dollar at is a sports franchise – that’s clearly not what ails Rhode Island.

If your neighbor down the street spent years investing in his career and, therefore, climbing the ladder, as well as living prudently and within his means, he may be able now to afford nice cars, a swimming pool, and expensive vacations.  If you’ve spent the same years concentrating on milking the system, giving money to friends for special favors, and racking up debt, you’re not going to be able to afford those things.  Having a fancier car won’t get your finances in order.

Next time one of your fellow Rhode Islanders tells you he or she is thinking about moving to North Carolina — and it happens pretty regularly, to me at least — as whether the minor league ballpark is the reason.  Somehow, I suspect it won’t be.