Lally & Raimondo Throw in the Towel


With the Ethics Commission hard on his heels, Kathy Gregg at the Providence Journal reports that

Former state Rep. Donald Lally has resigned his controversial job as the “small business liaison” in the Raimondo administration, in advance of an Ethics Commission ruling on whether his hiring violated the state’s revolving door law.

The RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s 2014 Freedom Index places then-Rep Lally 73 out of 113 legislators. This dubious voting record clearly made him a poor match for this position, underscoring the consensus that the main driving force behind his appointment was not considerations like track record and aptitude (and, dare we add, what would best serve the state) but the more base one of politics – i.e., a bargaining chip in horsetrading between Governor Raimondo and Speaker Mattiello.

If so, it will be interesting to see what “chip” replaces the one that had to be taken off the table.

  • Northern Exposure

    OH NO! I hope it doesn’t affect poor Timmy.

  • guest

    Can’t argue the appointment was (and should be) an embarrassment to all involved, but equally embarrassing is assuming that the “Freedon Index” has any bearing as an indicator of success for anything.

  • stuckinRI

    “embarrassment” – I would say that 98+% of the elected officials at the State House have NO IDEA what the meaning of that word is. And if they do, they certainly have never felt it.
    “indignant” or maybe “narcissism”, those terms better used to describe these people.