Latest Red Flag Rating: Rhode Islanders Carry Eighth Highest Tax Burden


Thanks to the Providence Business News’ Lori Stabile for picking up on this.

Rhode Island has the eighth-highest tax burden in the nation at 10.36 percent, according to personal-finance website WalletHub.

With a week to go before Tax Day, WalletHub said it compared the tax burdens of all 50 states by measuring property taxes, individual income taxes and state and gross receipts taxes – three components of state tax burden – as percentages of the total personal income in each state.

Another red flag; another opportunity to ask: what are state leaders doing to mitigate this burden on taxpayers? (Hint: it involves reducing rather than increasing spending.)

  • Rhett Hardwick

    This seems a good place to post this. The other night, in my local supermarket, I saw an obvious “White Trash”. “Bitter Clinger”. He was wearing a T-shirt which read “You might recognize me, I’m the guy paying for all of that free stuff that Obama is giving to you”.