Left-Wing Criterion of the Associated Press


Perhaps it’s more impression than reality, but it seems as if a growing number of conservatives… no, that’s too narrow; make it non-leftists… are catching on to the implicit double-standards of modern political talk.  Just as a politician who is both a minority and a conservative often isn’t treated as a valid minority, a journalist who approaches his work with a conservative perspective can’t rely on supposedly objective news media to have his back on principle.  Look, for instance, at this stunning opening paragraph of an Associated Press article by Juan Lozano:

An antiabortion activist’s plan to reject a plea deal offering probation for charges related to making undercover Planned Parenthood videos likely means his goal is to use a trial as a public platform to criticize the nonprofit group, according to legal experts.

Even if the AP sees a bright line between David Daleiden’s “activism” and the “journalism” of investigative news teams, mainly on television, that use similar methods, one would think their presentation would be a bit more nuanced.  After all, Daleiden’s case cannot be considered apart from his methods, which were indistinguishable from some forms of journalism.

It’s dawning on conservatives and moderates, finally, that there’s no sense expecting credit for acting on shared principles in cases like this, just as it’s dawning on them that there’s no sense mouthing identity-politics pieties for which they will never receive credit.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Guest, either you are quite young, or you lack memory. Let’s take 60 Minutes. The falsified National Guard records of George Bush. Then the GM pick up trucks that would explode on impact. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t explode, so they used explosives to show “how it would look” if they did explode. Those are only the ones everyone knows about. Still, “60 Minutes” is “respected journalism”.

  • Max

    I don’t expect a troll to do actual research before spewing troll hate but if you would come out from under your bridge for a moment and actually read the elements necessary for those crimes, the acts alleged don’t even come close. This is just an old fashioned case of political persecution. Troll on guest.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I favor raising the bar, but that runs contrary to history. There was never a Golden Age, see “yellow journalism” and “Mr. Hearst’s War”. Ask why the press ignored Kennedy’s nude pool parties at the White House?At least some would identify themselves in their title, Google “newspapers named Democrat” and “Newspapers named Republican”.

  • Also a guest

    Perhaps you can provide some examples of conservative news organizations falsifying stories? If you think it, after all, there must be some evidence too support your claim… That is, if you are a reasonable, open-minded person.