Less Influence for RI a Benefit to the Country


Here’s the lede for Paul Edward Parker’s Providence Journal article suggesting that Rhode Island won’t long have two Congressmen in the U.S. House:

Having just one congressman would mean a loss of prestige and clout for the state.

If anybody happens to be putting together a poll at this moment, I’d be interested to know how many Rhode Islanders think this would actually be a good thing for the country.  That’s certainly my opinion.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Drudge Report – Has anyone else had trouble connecting with it. I have had trouble for days. I saw a news report that it had undergone a denial of service attack, but that was days ago. Could it be the Russians? Trump people? Other “haters”?

  • Raymond Carter

    Best thing that’s happened in my lifetime. How many hacks will be OUT of a job in 2022. Anyone know how many staff members Wheels or Sickoline have???