Letting Them Take Away Our Government and Our Civil Rights


Via Instapundit comes an excellent illustration of the degree to which we’re simply allowing our right to self governance evaporate away in favor of the radical ideology of an elite administrative class:

Even [Deputy Education Assistant Secretary Amy McIntosh], despite her dodging and weaving, concedes that Catherine E. Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and head of the DoE Office of Civil Rights has gone off the reservation.  She has no lawful authority to mandate colleges and universities adhere to her political whims, as reflected in her “guidance,” upon pain of losing federal funds.*

When asked (see 1:37 in the video) who gave Lhamon the authority to impose her personal will upon the nation’s colleges and universities, she responded, “with gratitude, you did when I was confirmed.”

The United States of America did not confer upon a person named Lhamon the authority to recreate Title IX in her image, to impose threat of the loss of public monies upon failure to adhere to her vision, to force a fundamental and systemic change that created a wholly new authority to rid the nation’s higher educational system of anything that might adversely affect the feelings of “marginalized” students, ascertain and punish students who are alleged to have engaged in conduct that caused such unpleasantness.

Our government is no longer following the rules that ensure that ours is a representative democracy, and the tendency simply to implement the preferred policy of whichever party can claim the White House will only expand, and rapidly.  We desperately need to begin populating elective offices with people who will insist on the rules of government… and then we need to cycle in new officials on a regular basis.

This ratcheting constraint on our civil rights has been happening for a long time, but the Obama presidency has left the rule of law a wasteland.  If we don’t change things now — right down to convincing the news and entertainment media to take the side of the people over government interests (or to drive them out of business) — it’s going to come to oppression and violence sooner than later.

  • Changing the players won’t change the game because the game is rigged (quite possibly permanently) in favor of the status quo

    • OceanStateCurrent

      There are two steps: First, put in players who will change the game, and then change the players often so they aren’t captured by the system.

      • That’s a pretty tall order Justin.

        • OceanStateCurrent

          That’s why I’m betting on “oppression and violence sooner than later.”

          • Rhett Hardwick

            More than simple evil, there is another problem which has existed as long as there have been agencies with “rule making” power. The only people who truly understand them are the the administrators who operate them, The legislators to whom they are responsible have lost the thread. When Gingrich ran for president he offered a solution (I confess that I have lost the name he gave it). One, or two, days per month would be given over to bringing the most egregious rules before Congress for rectification. My chief fear of “term limits” is the “mandarinization” of the government. Inexperienced legislators would look to the agency heads for guidance.