Line Item Veto Coming Up at the G.A.?


Former RI Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders had an excellent op-ed in yesterday’s ProJo in support of bringing the line item veto to Rhode Island. No need to fear that we would be breaking any new ground; it’s been well tested in forty four other states.

Governors in most states have employed the line–item veto as an effective tool in balancing state budgets and in checking ill-conceived spending measures. In these states, the line-item veto has not siphoned off any substantial power from the legislature to the governor, but rather it has served as an important, if not essential, tool to manage budgets that may tend in part to ignore the future adverse consequences of certain proposed expenditures in favor of more immediate spending pressures.

Referencing it on his Facebook page, Ken Block says

I anticipate a hearing either this week or next. We will need you to show up at the state house when the bill is heard.

Meanwhile, feel free to lobby our elected officials here about bringing this good-government measure to Rhode Island.

  • oceanstater

    H8007 for line item veto is coming up Thurs May 12 at House Finance, at the “rise” (ca 4:30pm or so)
    I don;t have much hope the legislative branch will risk ceding some power to the Executive, even if the public supports it, indeed it would have to as the bill amends the constitution which must go to voters.
    Its too bad we do not have voter initiative to force such a vote. Both liberals and conservatives would mostly support it to build more confidence in government programs and to reign in un-needed spending respectively.