Looking for the Political Line on PR Staff


It appears that GoLocalProv asked Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s office for all communications related to Frank Bruni’s glowing profile of her.  The site reports:

The emails that cover three-months — this past November through January — cover 55 pages and include a number of efforts by Raimondo staffers. In most cases, Raimondo’s office responded to emails in minutes and proactively sent materials and powerpoint presentations that were not requested by the New York Times.

So, Rhode Islanders paid the governor’s staff for three months of assistance on an explicitly political and partisan profile in the New York Times?  GoLocal reports that “it was the New York Times photo desk that dictated Raimondo’s photo” (shown, in part, in the featured image of this post).  That would be the image taken in her official office and positioned so as to make reflected lights look like a halo for Saint Gina.

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Maybe it’s time we begin to ask where the boundary is beyond which these activities should be campaign expenses.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Gina is as easy to read as a Stop sign

    She’s assuming Donald will lose in 2020, when the termed-limited lame duck will be happy to jump ship for DC [ her protests to the contrary notwithstanding ]

    If the Dem nominee is a woman — the 2nd best scenario for her — she would be tapped for Treasury Sec [ “moderate” + she “saved the pensions” ]

    If the Dem is a man, she might well end up picked for VEEP. Most commentators would say that is unlikely given that she comes from the smallest & electorally insignificant State

    But we will still have 4 electoral votes in ’20…. Dick Cheney got to be VEEP hailing from Wyoming, which only has 3… so why not dream big ??

    You go grrrrl !!