Lord Stephen Archambault Threatens Peasant Terry Gorman


Earlier today, Tara Granahan tweeted criticism of behavior by Democrat Senator Stephen Archambault (Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston) during the June 15 hearing of the Senate Committee on Judiciary concerning drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.  Here’s the moment in question:

Out-of-state guests with whom the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has interacted when they’ve come to our state to testify on legislation have commented about the terrible behavior of legislators, with very similar circumstances to those to which Gorman objected.  The legislators — clearly treating hearings as a way to go through the motions and let people believe we still have a representative democracy — lapse into joking around with each other.  Even if they aren’t laughing at the people offering testimony, the signal of disrespect is huge.

The shocking part of this video, though, is Archambault’s chastising Gorman as if the senator is some sort of feudal lord putting a peasant in his place.  Archambault insists that “whatever I’m saying back here is my business.”  Well, no, Lord Steve.  You’re “back there” as a representative of Rhode Islanders in your district.  Gorman isn’t coming into your space under your good-hearted sufferance.  You’re privileged to be there on behalf of others.

But Senator Archambault pushes folly to offense when he repeatedly insists, “Don’t ever do that again.  Ever.”  Or what?

If we didn’t live in such a corrupt, one-party state, the committee chairwoman, Democrat Erin Lynch Prata (Warwick, Cranston) would have insisted that Archambault stand down and apologized to Mr. Gorman.  But we do live in such a state, which means we must constantly be reminded that they don’t work for us; we work for them.  We don’t bestow privileges upon them; they bestow them upon us.

  • Terry Gorman

    Thank you Justin.

    • james phelan

      Terry, what happened to you is disgusting. He can apologize all he wants but we all know it’s disingenuous. A leopard does not change its spots. Now let’s see what the brilliant voters of Smithfield, Johnston and North Providence do about it. Ever hear of recall? This guy is a jerk and should be removed by the people who put him there. However, I’m not holding my breath. New state motto “Rhode Island: The Ignorant State”.

  • and that’s why we leave.. Been gone three years now, and I don’t regret it one bit! Keep up the good work Terry!

  • stuckinRI

    Disgusting behavior by Archambault. The RI voters need more insight into how these elected people (I won’t call them “representatives” until they start acting accordingly) behave while performing the duties they were elected to.
    Another very sad aspect here is the dismissal of any and all testimony, it is readily apparent that the decision has previously been made and the public hearing is to appease the masses.

  • Concerned

    The Chairwoman, Erin Lynch
    Prata, was engaged WITH Senator Archambault when Mr. Gorman asked, “Did I miss the joke, Senator”. SHE was part of the problem!

    This tirade was directed at “We the People” and not just Mr. Gorman. This was Big Dog lifting his leg and marking his territory!