MacBeth’s Party -Switching Shocker


Well, this is quite the interesting and unexpected development.

House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Karen MacBeth of Cumberland filed official paperwork with the secretary of state’s office on Monday afternoon, telling a crowd of reporters she thinks Democrats no longer represent Rhode Islanders effectively.

In a conversation tonight with WPRO’s Matt Allen, Rep MacBeth cited the jamming through of tolls last month in only “thirteen days” over the objections of “screaming” voters as the straw that tipped her to make the decision to change parties.

With regard to a potential run for Congress from the First District, MacBeth told Allen that she expects to make that decision in approximately the next week. Um, has someone let her know that, if she does run for Congress, she would almost certainly face a primary challenger in September?

  • Slow Poke

    It is refreshing to see someone in state government acting on principle over personal gain or the “go along to get along” mentality. Rep. MacBeth surely knew the consequences from King Mattiello if she abandoned the Dems, yet acted anyway. Way to go!