Magaziner’s Uninformative Op-Ed


Politics is a game of persuasion… if we’re putting it nicely.  “Deception” would probably be more accurate.

But even within that jaded paradigm, I have to marvel at how uninformative state General Treasurer Seth Magaziner’s op-ed in yesterday’s Providence Journal is.  Even putting aside questions about the green theology, the op-ed doesn’t really explain what the treasurer wants to do.

We’ve got a name change of the RI Clean Water Finance Agency, and we’ve got a couple of green-industry ideas, but shouldn’t the treasurer of the state focus on explaining what the bank would mean, functionally, and how much it would cost?  Presumably, an op-ed is meant to be the policy folks’ medium for explaining their proposal to the broader public.  If the treasurer of the state is offering mainly assertions about the wonders of his idea, who’s going to translate the nuts and bolts for the masses?

Our civic culture is really much-deteriorated around here.

  • Mike678

    But they don’t have to explain, Justin–they know better. The ‘dumbing down’ of the average RI’er began years ago in public school where they were taught not how to think, but to sit, ingest propaganda and do what they are told. See the troll comments on this site as an example–attacks, assertions–yet little to no factual support, persuasion and so forth.

  • chuck r

    Mike…..well said, you are right on target

  • Max

    We have a General Teasurer? What does he do?

    • Justin Katz

      I think his role is mainly to employ progressive activists

  • Winter Solstice

    Justin, I can’t tell you how many times I think of Jonathan Gruber’s controversial comment that political advantage is the result of a lack of transparency and the “stupidity” of the American voter about economics. Text is deliberately kept vague with few, if any details. Unfortunately we see and hear more of this political subterfuge as time goes on.