Maine Council of Churches Finds Inclusiveness to Require Exclusion


We should expect to see more of this sort of news:

After the Maine Council of Churches changed its decision-making process earlier this year, the Bishop of Portland was forced to withdraw from the group, the Portland Press-Herald reported Tuesday.

The council had previously required unanimous agreement before advocating on a public policy issue, but in February adopted a simple majority vote. This meant that continued membership in the group could have forced the Diocese of Portland to be represented by views at odds with Catholic teaching.

This shows the typical progressive approach to tolerance. When the radicals were in the minority, they were satisfied with an organizational neutrality and acceptance that allowed the group of religious leaders to work together on issues on which they all agreed.  As soon as the radicals had secured a majority, the organization shifted its focus to excluding those who disagree on a very narrow range of cultural (essentially sexual) questions.

Being inclusive, you see, means excluding.  Acknowledging agreement on just about every area of social interaction is sublimated to the LGBTetc agenda.

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This is not so new.  Progressives like to think that they’re at the cutting edge of human evolution, but their impulses are very old.  An in-group defines a moral necessity, and as soon as they’re able to enforce it as the mandatory law, they will.

Western civilization has had a pretty good run advancing pluralism and the ability to coexist while disagreeing.  Perhaps it is ironic that the (abstract, arguably demonic) forces of intolerance would manage to reverse that progress in the name of tolerance, but I fear that our education system has too long tilted toward propagandizing over truly educating younger generations for us to recover without drifting a while into darker times.

  • msteven

    I very much agree with this. Basically, progressives don’t want ‘tolerance’, they want ‘intolerance’ of the ideas they disagree with. Intolerance is the new tolerance.