Making Counter-Culturalism Fun


This sounds like fun, and a much healthier approach to the politico-culture wars than shooting up a baseball field full of Republicans.  Patrick Courrielche’s article on Breitbartdescribes some of the key plot points of an ongoing reality TV  stream that one might title, The Deplorables Versus Hollywood.

The anonymous users of 4chan, or “anons” as they call themselves, often operate like a mercenary intelligence agency – analyzing satellite imagery, audio, and various other online data sources to attack their targets…not unlike the characters from Mission Impossible. For kids that have both grown up on the Internet and learned to hate Hollywood right back – this activity is their version of escapism…replacing traditional TV shows and films. The anons took [left-wing actor Shia LaBeouf’s] new live stream [of a protest flag somewhere in America] as an invitation to capture the flag – and were determined to take it down and replace it at all costs…even if it meant breaking a few laws.

To be clear, by “breaking a few laws,” we’re talking about trespassing for the sake of a prank.  Of course, trespassing isn’t the most disconcerting aspect of the story.  I’m concerned that the Internet really does enable an ad hoc community of online chatters to become something akin to an intelligence agency, but that cat’s out of the bag, and frankly, I’m not sure I’m all that much more worried about these powers in the hands of pranksters than in the hands of government agents.

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