Managing to Protest Around the State House, Monday, May 11


With the public scared, social distancing rules in force, stores closed, restaurants available for takeout only, and the State House blocked off even for quick one-person bathroom stops, it’s been a challenging time for protest.

If you believe government should have more control over people’s lives and are looking for some way to edge a free people in that direction, you couldn’t ask for much more than a global pandemic.  And if the underlying virus is mild relative contagions of history and Hollywood tales, all the better, because you can take credit for bringing in your people’s mortality below the scary projections that led them to let you grab more power.

Protests are more-difficult during these times, but not impossible, and Monday, May 11, from 12:00-2:00 p.m., there will be one at the Rhode Island State House in Providence.  Rather, the protest will be around the State House, with people distancing by staying in their cars and circling the seat of political power in our state.

So, pack a lunch or drive through for some fast food or Dunkin’ Donuts on your way into the city, tune in to John DePetro on 1380AM, and make your voice heard (so to speak).  With legislators hiding under their beds and the governor in complete control of the state, the only way to impose limits on her power is to give her the feeling that she might lose control.

Enough is enough.  Rhode Islanders aren’t children, and we aren’t selfish.  We can follow guidelines and take care of each other without closures and dictates and fines.

  • Neal Russell

    open the damm beaches!

  • Lou

    In the absence of live entertainment this is going to have to do. I’m predicting a lot of angry white men futilely shaking their fists at the statehouse. Shall we look for you on the Koch Industries float?

    • ShannonEntropy

      Well yer right about the “white” part at least. I noticed early on and since, in dozens of photos or videos of these rallies you never and I mean *never* see a black or brown face amongst them

      Here is a sample, a video from a protest in NJ, a State that is 18% Hispanic and 13% Black: