Maybe We Should Worry More About the Effects of Family-Climate Change


The other day, I posted a chart showing how net domestic migration loss — that is, the number of people leaving Rhode Island for other states beyond those who moved the other way — equated with a loss of the full populations of 11 towns.  RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity CEO Mike Stenhouse wanted another way to visualize the loss, and we came up with this:


We hear all sorts of fears about how climate change will affect the lives of Rhode Islanders at some unspecified point in the future.  Yet, clearly, the change in the state’s climate for business and for families is already having a detrimental effect.  Why do our elected leaders seem more concerned about speculative harm in the future than the observable change in our social landscape occurring right now?

  • Monique Chartier

    Awesome research and devastating graphic, Justin. We’re all supposed to be worried about climate change (which doesn’t exist at all as a valid scientific theory; the theory is anthropogenic global WARMING, not change). But, meanwhile, demonstrable damage – all of those empty spaces on the second map – is being done by climate of a different, much closer, far more dangerous and very real kind.